Myres Castle wedding photography. Last August we were so honoured to be part of one of the happiest celebrations of love we’ve ever seen.

Kyle and Jack’s wedding at Myres Castle in Fife was colourful, emotional and massively fun. From the moment we approached the castle and saw the rainbow flag flying proudly, we knew this would be special. We were even greeted with an impromptu piano recital from Kyle. This reduced Martyna to tears – a common theme for the day!

That whole morning was filled with excitement as the boys got ready in their not-matching-but-somehow-perfectly-matching kilts. Their beautiful ceremony was a joy to witness, performed as brilliantly as ever by the lovely Penelope Hamilton. As the day continued there were so many happy tears, so many big belly laughs.

The boys’ wedding also reaffirmed our pride in Scotland, a country that is so open and accepting of same-sex marriage. At the same time it is a bittersweet reminder of how lucky we are. Far too many people around the world face a constant struggle for equality or simply to be accepted in society. Seeing mums, dads, grannies, aunties – and just about everyone else – crying tears of joy as Kyle and Jack spoke their vows to each other was a pretty good reminder of that now somewhat clichéd, but absolutely true phrase: Love is love.



Myres Castle, Fife. August 2017.


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