a bit about us.

Hey! We are Martyna and David, AKA Wonderful and Strange. Our story began one night in 2012, when we met, drank Buckfast + Irn Bru cocktails and discussed our love of Michael Jackson until 5am – a fine first date. A few years later and we’re business partners, we have a wee dog (Agent Cooper) and we’re planning our own wedding… Crazy. We’ve totally become mad ‘dog people’, but some other obsessions include: ‘Twin Peaks’, 80s music, black coffee, Wes Anderson films, and wandering in new cities.

Wonderful and Strange was formed during an in-depth, beer and fries-inspired chat one night in Belgium… It was here we realised that photographing weddings would be the perfect creative outlet for us. It combines our love of portrait, documentary, travel and landscape photography with our other big passion – storytelling. We are so inspired by the stories of the amazing people who we’re lucky enough to meet from all over the world.

Every story is unique. Let’s tell yours together.


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