As we’ve begun to settle in to this bizarre ‘new normal’ of 2020, more and more couples are embracing something that we’ve been preaching for a long time: Wee weddings are amazing! Honestly. We’re going to post as many as we can on our snazzy new website, and hope it helps convince those that are undecided about them. The beauty of your wee wedding is that it can be so focused on you and the people you love. It can be as personal as you like, still full of fun and all with that tiny bit more flexibility that you often don’t get at a bigger wedding.

Suzanne + Kevin chose to get married at the beautiful Kibble Palace within Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens in a wonderfully intimate and meaningful ceremony, surrounded by their parents and siblings. Our favourite part of the ceremony was Suzanne pinning the Grape Soda badge from ‘Up’ onto Kev’s jacket (Kev always compares their relationship to Carl and Ellie’s from the film!) Such a meaningful little moment from these two Disney lifers! After a burst of colourful confetti and some fizz, we took a walk around the glasshouse to explore more of this green wonderland.

We had planned on taking in some of Glasgow’s mural trail, but with the weather taking a turn for the worse (as is tradition in Glasgow!) Suzanne + Kev instead made a pitstop to drop off their paperwork, making their marriage officially official! We then headed for the Barras to steal some more sweet moments of our super-cool newlyweds – Suzanne’s amazing sequin dress and leather jacket combo is a forever favourite bridal look!

Then it was off to WEST to catch up with the rest of the wedding party, but not before pulling a couple of pints in the brewery. The choice of WEST as a reception venue was brilliant. Guests took a brewery tour while we were off exploring the city, the styling of their intimate dining area was beautifully minimal, merging the greens and neutral tones of the rest of the day with the beerhall’s industrial feel perfectly, and it was all rounded-off with a beer tasting session before dinner was served.

The whole day was filled with activity and yet still felt so relaxed and personal. Suzanne + Kev designed a wedding day that was true to themselves and still included every one of their guests. A shining example of a wee wedding done right that we hope provides loads of inspiration if you’re thinking about doing something similar!


Dress – HotSquash
MUA – Cat Robertson
Hair – Pin Up Glasgow
Flowers – Cosmos Floral Design
Jacket Design – Bee Davies Illustration


Glasgow. October 2019.

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