Every time we venture out of our ‘comfort zone’ to photograph a wedding story, we can’t help but be filled with adrenaline and a nervous excitement throughout the day. It’s a feeling that totally fuels our creativity. When we travelled down to London to capture Josie & Tom’s story at the end of March, this was no different.

On the morning of their wedding, we took a wander round Clerkenwell’s winding streets and lanes. In an area so rich in history and surrounded by awesome, industrial architecture; we couldn’t help but be inspired. We knew that today was going to be something special.

Martyna met Josie and family in her room at the quirky Zetter Townhouse at the ‘finishing touches’ stage of her preparations. She looked incredible in her stunning, minimalistic Charlotte Simpson dress. Meanwhile, across the road, assorted friends and family were beginning to arrive for the ceremony at the Museum of the Order of St John.

The look of total joy on Tom’s face as Josie walked down the aisle was contagious. Neither of them could hide their excitement… nor could they quite believe it was actually happening, judging by Josie’s very quiet-yet-audible exclamation of the ‘F’ word. (Sorry Josie!)

After the ceremony, we stole the newlyweds for a wander round some hidden courtyards and quiet streets while the guests made their way to the amazing St John restaurant. As the rain came on, we dived into a lane as Tom kept his new bride sheltered. Capturing some intimate moments between these two was probably the easiest job we’ve ever had.

St John restaurant – an incredible whitewashed ex-smokehouse, decked out amazingly by Palais Flowers – served as the location for one of the best evening receptions we’ve ever been part of. After the pretty excellent and inspiring speeches, it was time for the DJs from Soho’s Reckless Records to take over. It was hard to take our eyes off Josie & Tom’s first dance (a perfectly choreographed routine) as they were accompanied by ‘This Must Be The Place’ by Talking Heads: the happiest, most optimistic song ever. As the dance floor filled up and the music got more and more brilliant, we realised we could’ve stayed all night…

Being able to tell the story of two people who are so caring, chilled out and so totally in love is one of the reasons we sometimes have to pinch ourselves and say “this is our job?!” Spending that day with Josie, Tom and their amazing friends and family has been one of our highlights of 2016 so far, and every time we hear this song we’ll think of these guys with massive smiles on our faces.

London, England, March 2016.


Bloody awesome work guys!! You nailed it! x

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