Aaaah, we just loved the stunning English summer wedding of Florence (AKA Foff) + Josh. As we come towards the end of a strange summer when so many new memories should’ve been made, we can’t help but reminisce about better times and some of our favourite weddings from this time of year.

This was a day full of joy in the Staffordshire countryside. From the moment we arrived that morning, we were greeted with such warmth by Foff + Josh’s family and friends. These two had such a strong bond with their amazing crew of VIPs and there was so much love in the air even during preparations. As Foff was getting into her dress across town, Josh’s groomsmen led him in a quiet moment of prayer, before walking over the field behind his family home towards St James The Great Church.

It’s hard not to be swept up in the emotion of such a joyful, moving ceremony. It was inspiring, uplifting and full of song. After a grand exit through a gauntlet of confetti, Foff + Josh led us to ‘a friend’s back garden’. This ended up being a beautiful wonderland of lush greenery. We loved capturing their first moments as husband and wife in such a secluded, peaceful spot.

Then it was onto the reception at a nearby barn which had been styled to minimal, DIY perfection. We heard wonderful speeches from parents, friends and the couple themselves, and particularly loved watching Foff address her audience while basked in glowing golden light… so much so that we immediately whisked the newlyweds away again for some more canoodling as the sun began to fade! When we returned, the dancefloor was calling and everyone was ready to party. It had been the most perfect of summer weddings and so with the party in full swing, we snuck out the door and into the night, dreaming of more days like this.

Lichfield, Staffordshire. July 2019.


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